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Getting Started With the QQ Catalyst API

The QQ Catalyst API allows developers to build apps that integrate with QQ Catalyst and securely access Catalyst data via our application services. If you would like to integrate with Catalyst, we have everything you need right here. To get started with Catalyst API integration, please contact our API team via email. We’ll then talk with you about becoming an API partner.

In order to interact with the Catalyst API, you will need to register with QQ Solutions as an API partner. After successfully registering, we will provide you with security tokens and credentials for use during authentication, as documented in the security section of this site. Subsequently, each of your insurance agency customers will need to work with you directly to allow your app to access to their individual Catalyst accounts.

Once you have registered as an API partner, you can download our sample application and view our detailed API documentation. We will also set you with a sandbox Catalyst account (for a nominal annual fee) and help you bring your product to life.

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